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Rock Fishing in The south Hams

The first note must be that extreme rock fishing can be dangerous. To fish at Start Point you must be aware of the dangers of climbing and walking the coastal rocks and the extreme currents and wave conditions which can change in a matter of seconds.Never the less, those who venture there often reap the largest and greater numbers of fish expected from a boating expedition. Bull huss, Bass, Pollack are the most hunted fish. Parking is relatively inexpensive at the car park at the top of the hill, but it is a long walk down and seems an even longer walk back, especially with a bag full of big fish.

Baits: most fish baits are fine. worm may not perform quite so well in these deeper areas. During the summer months live sand eel is a must during day light hours and squid will produce good catches at night. Heavier tackle is recommended at these marks, an uptide rod with a sturdy multiplier would be ideal.
South devon sea fishing marks

East Portlemouth
The rock formations of the East side of the Kingsbridge estuary mouth are less hazardous than those of the imposing start point, prawle point and Bolt head. There are many flat rock bed formations that create comfortable fishing platforms for the less extreme enthusiast. The best parking is at the Mill Bay car park with reasonable charges, although often it will not be manned and free. The fishing here, well, plaice are around most of the time, with bass in plentiful supply in the warmer months. Mackerel may plague the fishing on warm calm evenings and spoil the fun. Either way, it is an idyllic way to spend a few hours.Bait: good quality rag worm, (not boxed) squid, peeler crab and lugworm. Tackle: keep it reasonably light unless you are targeting the larger species such as ray and conger. A good quality bass rod and multiplier reel with a fine non stretch line. Any good quality fishing tackle is ideal for most situations.                              devon rock fishing mark                           

Bolt Head
As extreme as Start Point and climbing equipmentis a must. There is a car park, but inevitably a walk and climb will follow. This however, unlike Start point can produce good plaice from mid spring to the end of summer.Bait: good quality rag worm, (not boxed) squid, peeler crab and lugworm. Tackle:Uptiders here are ideal as casting can often beinhibited by over hanging rocks. If you are targeting the larger species such as ray and conger heaviertackle and larger hooks are advised.
A good quality bass rod and multiplier reel with afine non stretch line. Any good quality fishingtackle is ideal for most situations.

Prawle Point
Here there are some interesting flat rock formations, which can fish into very deep water with catchessimilar to Start point. Here the walk to the car park is not so testing. During the summer months,float fishing or spinning in to the deep water canbe very relaxing with surprising catches. At night the bull huss patrol the deep dark gullies.



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