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Local Beaches
Start Bay

Start bay stretches out from Strete Gate along one of the most beautiful coastal strips in the country out to the imposing start point. We have used the view from  the North end as our home page image. Access can be gained with little effort to most stretches. At Strete Gate there is a pay & display car park on the  edge of the beach, a short trudge across the shingle beach will give you a wide expanse of beach and sea. If you walk towards the North you may find more than  you bargained for as this is commonly used by nudists in the summer. Bait: well lets' be careful here! If you are targeting the bass which hunt along the shore line, lures, saltwater flies and sand eels are the best. If you are less selective and prefer to drop a bait on the bottom good quality LIVE rag worm nbsp; will work well. From mid Spring to the end of the summer why not try a fishing with feathers. The main quarry for the keen angler is bass. Bass are plentiful most of the year and in particular the latter  part of the Summer from mid June to November. The professional licensed fishermen generally regard live sand eel as the 'must use' bait, but frozen Ammo sand  eel can be as effective. Certainly for the numbers that any sport fisherman would like to land in any one trip. -- Why not spend the evening there with an Ozpig Stove.

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slapton sands - great for mackerel and bass

start bay south devon  - great fishing

                            Strete Gate

Strete Gate fishes particularly well on falling tides. Fish caught range from Cod, Lesser Spotted Dog fish and whiting in the winter to good bass, mackerel, pollack and flat fish from spring to autumn. The centre monument and tank car parks have similar results but a rising tide is favoured. Beesands and Hallsands offer excellent fishing and there are no parking fees to pay and are often easier to fish if the wind is Southerly. Mind the nudists when fishing. Bait: as above.                          

Just like a mini Mediterranean. The soft golden sands are home to many different species of sea-life from Start bay and this is then reflected in the vast array of species landed, such as ray, bass, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, pollack, LSD, plaice, bream, gernard and bull huss. Parking is available at the top of Mill Bay beach, although this is often very busy in the summer. Baits: for dabs and plaice, good quality rag (not boxed) is ideal. For the larger species, sand eel and prawn are excellent attractors.

Bigbury bay

Famous for its surf beaches and with the surf the bass feed in a frenzy. There is huge pay & display car park at Bigbury causeway. This fast running estuary mouth to the left has much to offer, especially with the run of bass moving in and out of the river with the tides to feed on the large sandy flat beds. The bass seem to be present virtually all year. In addition to the bass are plaice, flounders and mullet. Fly fishing for bass and mullet is becoming a very popular and rewarding sport. For bass a heavier fly rod and line is required, size 8 is probably the minimum line size to cast the large saltwater flies. Again to fish traditionally, light tackle is generally preferred. Bait: good quality rag worm, (not boxed) and lugworm. Tackle: keep it reasonably light . A good quality bass rod or light beach caster and multiplier reel with a fine non stretch line is ideal for most situations. 

Blackpool sands

is a relatively small beach, with a large private car park and access area. Virtually any thing can be caught  here. This location is very popular with Dartmouthfishermen. In the summer months, day time fishing is almost impossible due to the numbers of bathers.A

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