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Idiot Guide to Mackerel Fishing from a boat
Mackerel fishing is always a family favorite. Either jigging or trolling for them, the family usually gets fed and lots of fun.

  • Mackerel are fairly powerful mid swimming fish, so a strong rod and line will eliminate disappointment for the children.
  • Use a minimum of 20 lb line, as often a full string of feathers will produce as many fish in one haul.
  • Set your rig of feathers with the weight furthest away from the rod, if that is the method you choose. Between the main line from your rod end fix a swivel or ideally a swivel clip and fix the ready-made trace of feathers to that. Finally as described before the weight. 3-4oz is usually sufficient for jigging.
  • If fishing in deep water, jigging is probably favorable. This is basically lowering the rig into the water, to start with near the bottom, and then lifting and dropping the weight and feathers. If you have no success at one depth try fishing further up into the water until you catch.
  • Mackerel are fish that shoal in large numbers, so you may be a while before you see a fish and after that there may be lots all at once. A bit like London Busses.
  • The alternative to jigging is to troll. Depending on the lowest speed of your boat, you may need to change the weight to a heavier one, if you boat will not go very slowly under power, a heavy lure or spinner and a para vane my resolve the problem and keep the lure at a depth.
  • Mackerel can easily be caught with a float and bait or spinner. In this instance, a lighter rod may be considered, as you will only be catching them one at a time.
  • Baits: If float fishing, any fish flesh will do. Sand eel, herring or mackerel. They are no too fussy.
If you would like additional help or require a tackle and rig set up suited to this style of fishing, our staff will happily help and advise you.

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Tight lines,

Malcolm. Why not Smoke your Mackerel with a Bradley Smoker.
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