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Estuary Advice
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Salcombe - Kingsbridge Estuary

Salcombe Estuary, unlike Dartmouth has very little fresh water flowing into it. The estuary is predominantly filled by inflowing tidal water. Bass are plentiful but as with Dartmouth the area is designated as anursery area and the restrictions mainly prohibit boat fishing for bass. With large areas of mud flat revealed at low tide the consistently wet areas limitsome fishing at low water. The fishing is seasonalin terms of species to be caught Bass, Gilt head bream, plaice, Pollack, Wrasse, Ray -Thornback, Small eyed, blonde and spotted species. The winter months betweenthe start of October to mid March can produce some excellent Flounder. A great place to spend the evening with an Ozpig

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Stop and have lunch or dinner and make it a special day. Call us and we can often deliver bait and tackle to the creek head.

A new addition to Kingsbridge and Salcombe Estuary is the new pontoon  at Frogmore. Many fishermen will know thecreek for the flounder in the winter and Guilthead bream in the summer. Now the added attraction is that during the higher half of the tide you can stop for food and drink at Frogmore's Globe Inn offering barsnacks to a full dinner menue with may reel ales including Eddy Stone brewed only two miles away at stokenham.

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Mark and Guilthead Bream

frogmore creek fishing                                                      

Pontoon at Frogmore Creek.

Dartmouth Estuary                          

blackpool sands, dartmouth                            

This very busy estuary is the largest and deepest of ourlocal estuaries. The lower end near to Dartmouth Castleoften fishes very well for Pollack and Wrasse. As will all other estuaries in the South West Bass are plentiful in numbers most times of the year, but you ill have noted from the rules the months when most  of us fish excludes boat fishing for them. However, shore fishing is permitted, but we would encourage the return of as many fish as possible. And that goes  for all species. Dartmouth quay can often produce some good fish, but care must be taken when casting with regards to pedestrians and passing and moored boats. This quay is a firm favourite for mackerel  fishing in the summer, especially when the weatheris not so good. Further up past the upper ferry, the  river is quieter and can often produce some stunning specimens of ray, plaice, Pollack, mullet and flounder.

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The Rules First - The rules of fishing in South West Estuaries


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