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Bradley Cold Smoker Adaptor (includes digital adaptor plug)
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Bradley Cold Smoker Adaptor (includes digital adaptor plug)


This handy accessory helps to keep the smoke at a minimum temperature for perfect cold smoking, fish, cheese & vegetables. The box includes the digital adaptor plug (dummy plug)
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The Bradley cold smoke adaptor has been added to the range to offer improved cold smoking, by removing the burning heat element way from the main cabinet. Will fit and work with all Bradley smoker models. Cold smoking is important if smoking say fresh salmon, if it gets too warm it starts to cook and although very tasty, you will not end up with a translucent smoked fish.
Bradley Smoker FAQ

What is the difference between a cold or hot smoked product?
Most smoked foods that are produced for resale are first cured, and then cold smoked. Cold smoking is usually done below 100F or below a temperature that burns or liquefies fat. Heat is added at the end of the smoking process for appearance and flavour. A hot smoked food needs very little curing and has the appearance, taste, and texture of fully cooked foods.

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